The Ecological Company

Sustainability and environmental protection – an affair of honor

The Topics of climate change and sustainable economic management have been on the public agenda for quite some time. Many companies have already jumped on the eco-bandwagon in order to build confidence among their consumers.

However, Fischer has been dealing with the topic of environmental protection on a more sustainable basis for many years: instead of merely focusing on single ecological measures to reduce costs, they have developed a comprehensive environmental concept spanning a package of ecological activities that they have integrated into all our company procedures.

At Fischer, they don't want to buy off our responsibility but place great importance on realizing sustainable projects – because only if you actively deal with environmental protection and sustainability today you will be able to enjoy the unlimited freedom of outdoor sports tomorrow!


Investing in renewable energy

For many years, Fischer has made use of renewable energy and has already won first place on a national and second place on an international level at the "Energy Globe Awards*" back in 2001 for the startup of our biomass CHP plant.

Between the years 2001 and 2012 Fischer was able to save 64,300 tonnes of CO2 and 26,300 tonnes of heavy heating oil – the equivalent of about 85 lorries driving non-stop for five years or supplying about 5,000 homes with electricity for five years!


Active environmental protection from filter systems to CHP plants

The entire production workflow is based on environmental care as well. For instance, by using special water treatment plants and filter systems Fischer already achieved a reduction of 40 % in the use of industrial water! Besides that, Fischer has drastically reduced the use of solvents by implementing water-soluble vamish, thermal-diffusion and digital printing.

The required operating temperature for the entire production has been drawing from the own biomass CHP plant at the Ried location already since 2001. Ski production at the Mukachevo plant (UKR) has also been changed over to renewable energy in October 2009. This makes Fischer the first and only ski producer in the world to rely fully on 100 % renewable energy.


From old to new

Fischer's products also actively contribute to environmental protection after their life cycle has expired: in the end, many products undergo thermal recycling to produce new energy and heat for Austrian households.

In addition, the steel edges and bindings are given a new role in the recycling process and are used to obtain valuable raw materials.